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What Can Hurrian Members Expect in 2022

We’ve recently announced what’s new and what is to be expected through the rest of 2022, so let’s dive into the details and prepare you, Hurrian family.

In recent months, with the development of the Hurrian Network platform in full action, the team have been in full self-development mode as the mission continues to up its game daily. With continued support, our strengths have become even stronger and any room for improvement is looked at as an exciting opportunity.

NFT Drop DETAILS | What Can Hurrian Members Expect?

Our NFT Drop has been in talks for quite a while now and we are overwhelmed to witness such enthusiasm from our community, and more so the incredible respect and patience from each and every one of you. Those who are connected with us on socials, reaching almost 12k followers on Twitter, would have seen our recent announcement of our new ‘NFT’ site tab. We’re discussing the exciting new plans involving our Hurrian Network NFT (details to be revealed in the imminent future) as well as what is to be expected in our upcoming NFT Drop with Hurrian’s MLD.

On September 2nd 2022, we will be partnering with one of the most distinguished names in the marketplace, known as ‘the Amazon of NFTs’, Opensea to move forward with our drop and collaborate with Solana to build the footing with extreme precision and expertise. With over 1.2m members on Opensea and (currently) 1,519 transactions per second on Solana, we are elevating the way we progress bigger and better by the day. Go hard or go home, right?

Getting involved with our NFT drop couldn’t be simpler and includes MULTIPLE winners.

We are creating two separate opportunities: The first will be for members who have purchased MLD at IPO will be eligible to win and 5 lucky winners will be randomly selected for an NFT GIVEAWAY

The second draw involves those from our continuously growing group chat of 1,500 members. 5 lucky winners will win based on their activity and enthusiasm within the chat and will also be chosen for GIVEAWAY NFTs. We can’t wait to see you all bring your A-game even STRONGER, Hurrian community!

Further Hurrian Network Updates

The Hurrian Network foundation, where we will be creating a whole new approach to allow creative industries full control of their work and finances is well on its way! We’ve previously announced our progress into the development phase Q2 which involves the core foundation being built as we speak. The site structure is making excellent progress and coming together just as we strategically planned through the discovery phase in Q1; blueprints, wireframing and prototype are exactly according to plan.

Alongside this, we have officially begun selecting the tech stock with extensive analysis and research to fulfil both short and long-term goals. Creating paramount partnerships is always on the go and we will always decide as a team as we ensure Hurrian Network is exactly where it needs and deserves to be. Think of us as a jury; if one of us isn’t sold then we will revise until all are as enthusiastic as each other.


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