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We Are Hurrian Network

Join the Hurrian Network team on our journey towards building one of the biggest music industry platforms. We share our latest updates fortnightly, on Sundays.

We Are Hurrian Network

We're an incredibly active team behind the scenes as well as in front of centre stage on social media and within the 1,500+ members, Hurrian Telegram group chat. We don't shy away from what we do and what we expect to achieve and it shows - we've built a community who are as passionate about our goals just as we are, shouting from the rooftops what Hurrian Network are all about, preparing the world for our impact.

...and we've only just begun.

Climbing The MLD Scale

With the discovery phase almost at an end, we have already knocked out targets far beyond our timeline. Hurrian's #MLD is gaining incredible momentum as we are welcomed on bigger platforms every single week.

MLD's price charts have been made available on multiple #cryptocurrency platforms, increasing to almost a dozen new listings each month. - Hurrian Network’s MLD is available featuring price, history, price ticker, market cap and live charts.

#Coinbase - MLD price, information and live chart and stats.

#Binance - MLD price, information and live chart view.

#CoinMarketCap - Hurrian Network information, live view, stats and data.

#CoinMooner - MLD information and stats.

#ArzDigital - Information including price, live chart, stats and data

#CoinCarp - Information including price, live chart, stats and data

#CoinGecko - Pricing, live chart, stats and data.

#LiveCoinWatch - Pricing, stats, market cap, live view, history and data.

#NewsCrypto - Pricing, stats, market cap, live view, history and data.

#WallStreetFinance - Pricing, live chart, historic data.

#YahooFinance - Pricing, stats, market cap, live view, history and data.


Hurrian Network enthusiasts are coming together from around the world; Asia, Serbia, the US, and the United Kingdom. Sharing who we are and the effect we will have on all #artists, #musicians, #photographers, #dancers and in general all creative industries.

The growing attraction is clear as we watch the community get involved in promoting our achievements so far. The current structure within the #MusicIndustry portrays unfairness and distrust, so from the very start, The #Hurrian team have always put community first and prioritised allowing voices to be heard - and so this impact shows.

Even throughout our early stages during the discovery phase, we have delivered our promise by one simple factor; communication. Our platform is built on this for all participants - when you have questions WE answer. No-fuss, no bots, no waiting time. Just family.

Our true momentum comes from reversing what we know does not work in many instances.

We have created a corporation where our members are as passionate and excited about the process, just as we are - allowing them to be heard; because we are absolutely listening and will continue to do so.

Get involved with the Hurrian team and our growing community. Join us on our journey to success and say 'Hi' to your new family on our Telegram Group Chat.

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