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VIBE Phase One | Launch May 2023

This Spring of 2023 is moving towards the official launch of our music streaming blockchain platform, VIBE. We’re reaching this moment, and the team have been working closely on finalising the details, allowing us to confidently release the project we have been working on since late 2021. After over a year of building VIBE, our team has successfully completed phase one of the launch and we are only days away from the official launch.

This project has been an incredible journey for our team and we are excited to see how it will revolutionize the way people access and consume music. We look forward to continuing our work on this platform by introducing and improving new features.

Over recent weeks we have been finalising the following:

  • Transforming the platform visuals into the new VIBE rebrand (previously known as Hurrian Network). Taking to socials and implementing the new look across all platforms (find us via (@vibemusicglobal)

  • Testing and closely examining our royalty distribution procedure. Prioritising that those artists will be receiving fair payouts for the success of their music

  • Analysing the music streaming performance, making sure this is fast, reliable and simple for artists and users to access

  • The procedure of uploading music, NFTs, and music artwork has a no-fuss approach

  • Overseeing our security methods for artists and users to prioritise high-quality protection

Upcoming Testnet

In the upcoming days, before officially going live, we will invite a select number of people from our community to join the platform testing. We need to hear real feedback so that we can adapt VIBE to our artist and user needs. Stay updated on this by following us on socials and connecting with our community group chat.

We appreciate your patience leading up to the launch of VIBE. It is a large and complex project that requires consistent attention to detail and we ensure that the platform will be ready and available once we are at our most confident with the final result of Phase One.

Stay connected with the latest VIBE news and official launch. Follow us and share our exciting developments with friends and family @vibemusicglobal #VIBE #VIBEMUSIC

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