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Powerful Progress

We keep our promises and are thrilled to let our community in on our BIG NEWS. Read on to see the latest from Hurrian Network.

As we enter June 2022, we look back and are astonished at how far we have come with the development of Hurrian Network and its incredible community so far. The growth has been tremendous and the unfolding of our roadmap simply blooms each day as we find ourselves hitting milestones each and every day, whether small or big and so we will always pride ourselves on ensuring the details of our progress are at the highest standard in order to achieve our greatest goals.

As we know, the creative industries have always had grey areas which have hindered the progress of many careers within their work and finances, so everything we, Hurrian Network are aiming to achieve is no less than a game-changer and of course, a large project at hand.

With big ideas invites an incredible team who have put their tremendous expertise into creating our dream project, with much appreciation to Lox Network and Solulab who have been incredible in assisting us throughout the discovery phase.

We Keep Our Promises... BIG NEWS!

Throughout Q1, the Hurrian team have been working closely with Lox Network, who has achieved excellence by creating the world's first blockchain mobile security and well as collaborating with Blockchain, AI, IoT Development Company Solulab who has helped guide, design and create the foundation which Hurrian Network will be built upon. These talented professionals have allowed our plans to be put into action and have helped guide us through the creation of this platform.

We’re extremely happy with our achievements so far and couldn’t be prouder to announce that we have wrapped up the discovery phase and are now moving forward into the development phase within the upcoming weeks. We are certainly going in with a BANG.

Next Steps

As we fly into Q2, we put all our designs and plans into place. Our efforts leading up to this point allow us to create the foundation of Hurrian’s platform, incorporate a 'power piggy' system, complete a feature list as well as look to expand our team to allow this magic to happen within a timeframe we are happy and confident with.

Throughout every step, we are constantly reviewing the process as we aim to achieve nothing less than excellence - regular team meetings are our glue, and outsourcing for concrete details is a must as we’re not shy to reach out to external professionals to help increase our knowledge.

Our promise is to always ensure each individual invested in the project is as involved with the progression as much as we are, so sharing this update gives us great enthusiasm and confidence, grateful for the support and patience. Thank you, Hurrian Community!

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