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NFT Marketplace & Streaming Platform

The launch of the first stage of the Hurrian Network platform is creeping closer and we are HYPED. Working alongside our development team, we have proudly been seeing all our goals and concepts unfold in front of us, allowing us to get much closer to making an impact within the music industry.

We are just around the corner of finishing the NFT Marketplace and have put together a simple yet impactful way of incorporating a blockchain-based online platform for independent musicians and artists from around the world.

Users will be able to purchase and sell their NFTs throughout the platform in various ways with ease and confidence that they are within full control of their assets. Our users will be able to map out their freedom through the access to profiting from their own work - a well-deserved goal for creative professions.

From the start, we have discussed that we want creatives in the music industry to collect their own royalties without the fuss of third parties or advanced fees. We are absolutely inching closer every week to making this happen very soon directly through the Hurrian platform. We are now at the final stage of building the streaming platform implemented all required coding and the ideal designs for the best and easiest navigation experience.

Since we have designed our streaming platform through our unique NFT system, the user will be able to get paid more for their streams all whilst maintaining full control, freedom and creativity throughout the success of their musical journey. The average amount per stream can be up to $0.005, making it increasingly difficult for upcoming artists to balance their creativity vs working to fund their career and the life around them. This is why our system is not only giving artists the opportunity to gain profit from their work but to create an easier path where they no longer have to struggle with multiple jobs that hinder and slow their creative process.

Professional and personal control is what we will achieve.

Stay connected with us through our Socials and TG Group Chat for regular updates and news.

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