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Music Industry vs The Artist

We have tremendous plans to truly revolutionise the music industry and give power back to the creators - but why is the music industry so behind on making these changes?

Throughout recent years, with the rise of Youtube, TikTok and Instagram Reels, we would have noticed a significant increase in artists releasing and managing their music independently. The 2020 COVID-19 lockdown encouraged artists and musicians to record themselves at home capturing more content than ever before - naturally, increasing the odds of being discovered or reaching an impressive number of views, likes and followers. This allowed independent and major labels, management and publishing companies to use their scouting skills to their advantage, as their next big star was literally just at their fingertips.

The 'Big Dream'

Commonly, the ‘big dream’ for artists is to be discovered by a team with opportunities and promises, resulting in a very appealing advance varying from $50K all the way up to $500k for rising talents. But what is missed, is that this advance is more a financial loan that is very much owed back at the promise of creating enough profits from royalties to recoup this amount.

Although is there enough help within the creative process to allow big songs to be written? What if the artist struggles with their mental health, unable to work at their best? What if the artists do write a successful song, how much control will they have over this moving forward? This game-changing track has opened up many doors for the artist, but what if the artist has no control over the master? Will they have to pull a Taylor Swift move and re-record and re-release their music?

Why have no changes been made over the years?

The big ‘why’ is still unclear, although through overseeing the ins and outs of the music industry, it’s simply due to the same reason as the majority of large cooperative industries such as the film world; the more power involved, the fewer control others have.

Sadly, especially with upcoming creatives such as rising artists and musicians, the appeal of jumping at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will of course come without thinking of the negative outcomes, leading these groups to be taken advantage of when it comes to their skills and opportunities they can create for those less involved.

How Hurrian Network Will Solve The Problem

The key priority is for creatives to earn and control what they have worked for with no strings attached. This includes keeping track of their streams, royalties, growing fanbase, and much more. The artist will be able to see exactly where their profits are coming from and have full authority on what they wish to do with their own income - most careers include being able to witness our salaries and payslips, so why can’t artists be able to manage their finances like most working professionals.

We are incorporating all the crucial ways an artist can manage and grow their business through Hurrian Network without investing life savings - streaming, mp3 sales and live shows. Since we’re a team constantly adapting to the world around us, we will always ensure we’re on top of everything so an artist can utilize their careers in the most up-to-date way and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Stay connected with us through our Socials and TG Group Chat for regular updates and news.

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