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Music Industry 2023 | What is Expected?

Updated: Jan 8

We are watching independent artists grow across the world, although big changes need to be made for this to work long-term. See what we have been up to make this happen!

Music Industry 2023

For many decades, even those who are not involved in music will understand the difficulties artists face each day; whether they are upcoming artists or well-established. What do we expect to happen in the following years for the music industry? Why change now?

From the late 1990s, the music industry evolved dramatically with the evolution of the internet, creating opportunities for many complications when it came to recording labels, publishing, distribution and royalties. The larger the big companies become, we’ve seen fewer opportunities for those wanting to get their foot in the door in the earlier stages.

Within 5 years, we would have noticed an increase in artists rising through the industry independently; with no labels or publishing involved. This all comes down to two simple reasons: creative and financial control. TikTok and Instagram reels excellently allow artists to showcase their talent however they wish to, helping them attract their dream audience and opportunities. But what is their next step if they wish to keep their full creative and financial control?

We have implemented exactly this; understanding the needs of the artists and creating strategies to make this happen through the integration of Web3 and Blockchain technology. Becoming your boss as a creative person does not need to be filled with terms and conditions that strip away your identity - the future for creative independence is NOW.

Platform Development | October ‘22 Updates

In previous announcements we have revealed 50% completion of coding, backend and frontend development, demonstrating these achievements so far on our previous blog through screenshots.

In these 2 weeks, we are proudly still on target and implementing elements which will tie in with the Hurrian Network platform. The talented development team is currently working on wallet connection; allowing users to link up their wallet through a simple authentication process where they can access the platform fully.

Web3 integration is now in the works, allowing us to incorporate blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and NFTs at a standard which is exceptional to the Hurrian team, community and all users involved. We are involving deep research, testing and expertise throughout the process as every detail matters most.

One week from now we will also begin the development of the streaming backend and Webhosting which will be one of our major components and game-changers of the platform. We will be providing a whole new platform for music in the metaverse - radio, streaming etc. For example, GTA provides official licenced music through the gaming experience and on their radio stations; we will incorporate a new way of doing this for our users, opening doors for many artists.

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