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Moving On Up

Hard work makes an absolute difference and we're climbing just as we planned.

See the latest update and what the Hurrian team have recently been up to.

The Hurrian Network team are moving onwards and upwards smoothly. Over the previous months, we have been carefully preparing to build a strong reliable foundation which will help escalate the careers of millions of artists, songwriters, producers, dancers and all creatives, allowing them to create a career under their own umbrella of rules.

We have been working closely with Solulab and LOX Network through our discovery phase as we discuss how to break boundaries and reinvent the industry.

We’ve discussed in great detail what is and is not working, why this is the case, adapting to specific needs, deep research, extending connections, and much much more.

Throughout this incredible journey which has included countless around the clock hours, with our inspiring Hurrian community by our side, we have been able to put our actions toward making our dreams a reality building this foundation.

Since we prioritise ensuring every detail is to the highest standard, we have now extended our discovery phase with Solulab whilst we fine-tune our plans moving forward. Satisfaction between us and consumers will always be number one in our books, and so we keep our promise to create a long-term path within the music industry, strategising to allow accessible financial and creative freedom all from the comfort of your own workspace.

Despite the recent lows in the cryptocurrency market as a whole, this has only encouraged us to excel even stronger than we already are, adding fuel to our ever-growing #MLD fire. We want every member of our community to fight with us, every step of the way because we absolutely are. Every low allows space for a bigger climb and with your patience and continuous support, we’ve already been able to break boundaries by expanding our community all whilst in the process of designing a career-changing foundation.

Each team member has their own goals they wish to accomplish and working together, we have exceeded in making personal dreams a reality even at such an early stage. We are a passionate team who will not stop until we tick all the boxes on our wish list, and so we absolutely feel this enthusiasm radiating from our community.

With you, we are Hurrian Network and we say a big thank you every day.

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