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Milestone Reached | Artist Profile Completed

Throughout recent months and into this new year of 2023, we have seen significant changes and updates with the Hurrian Network platform. In early November 2022, we finalised the details of the Artist Profile and required features with the development team. In this short period of time, with hours working around the clock, we have reached an incredible milestone in completing the front and back end of the Artist features and profile.

We are currently working on finalising the verification process for when artists register and create their profiles - this will ensure we only have legitimate professional artists within the platform whose sole goal is to build and enhance their music careers. It is crucial we avoid any unsolicited/unprofessional creators.

For our next steps to reach the upcoming milestone, we will be working closely with the administrative panel. We have completed all its key features and needs (some of which are listed below) and this process will involve its full development and design.

The Next Milestone

Finalise Admin Panel and all the work, and screens involved

This panel will include many functions which will allow us admin users to manage and control multiple features through our dashboard to ensure the platform is working at its highest standard. One of its fundamentals involves the royalty distribution for our artists - each individual co-creator will fairly have their own percentage of ownership of the song(s) they have been involved in, which will be visible on the profile of the artist that the music has been uploaded by.

Further essentials on the Admin Panel include the following (but are not limited to):

  • Verification Requests

  • NFT Management

  • Music Management

  • User and Artist Management

  • Member Management

  • Content Management

  • Support Management

  • Platform Variables

  • Statistics (total number of users, artists, songs listed, NFTs)

  • Top Artists (rank, name, hours streamed/played, total songs)

  • Top songs (rank, name, artist name, views/plays)

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