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Hurrian Platform & NFT DROP

Kicking off the development phase with a BANG! See what we have been up to and what we're working towards.

How about an NFT Drop…?

NFT Drops are creating incredible momentum around #cryptocurrency audiences, and we are one to jump in and get our Hurrian members involved and continuously buzzing throughout our journey and project development.

As promised, we discussed in a recent post our plans and progress to move forward with a much-requested and anticipated #NFTdrop and so in the most recent months, we have been making this happen, confirming all aspects, shaking hands and fine-tuning the details to ensure the highest impact on our community. We can expect to officially confirm the drop date by mid-end Summer 2022.

Official Hurrian Platform | What Can We Expect?

As most are aware, the foundation we are currently developing works much more than your current well-known #streaming platforms such as #Spotify, #iTunes, #Deezer etc. They are built excellently to listen to all your favourite artists and releases affordably, helping smaller artists nudge their careers onto a stronger path through well-built playlists, and aiding their promotion.

A few members of the Hurrian team have had their toes dipped in many areas of the music industry, working alongside artists and overseeing the development, so we truly understand that mastering your creative craft comes down to many smaller areas, rather than simply being scouted by the right person, especially as we progress and adapt towards more independent management and music releases.

There are many pros to all streaming services, and we certainly all know many people who are members, although an artist's career comes down to much more than #marketing well and networking daily. In just 5 years, the music industry has progressed rapidly for a variety of reasons, COVID-19 implementing a large part of this, so it’s nothing less than a priority for creatives to truly understand and adapt alongside this movement.

An artist is essentially a ‘business’ - it’s their body of work, so this is how we use our teaching strategies within Hurrian’s platform. Strong music, organic #promotion strategies, continuous #artistdevelopment, personal development, and much more. So it’s only time all the important areas were covered in one place, within a small budget, no fuss, your rules, your profits, alongside a team you can work directly with throughout your professional journey regardless of your current stage. Yep, that’s us!

Timeframe & How Artists Can Prepare

We’ve previously proudly announced our official movement into the #Development Phase of our platform, meaning as we speak (or type), our talented team are progressing with the physical creation of the Hurrian Network foundation. The Discovery Phase excellently helped pick and piece the essentials together to help get us where we are at this moment so we can begin actively inviting talented members to join our platform within a 6-9 month timeframe.

Successful #creatives have mastered the essential tool on how to prioritise time and be effective with the knowledge and skills you have at hand. At this moment, as you prepare to officially become your own boss with Hurrian Network, become an absolute pro at your specific creative. As artists, what’s your unique sound? How do your musical influencers excite you and how have you reinvented this into your original music? Producers, is your specific skill at its highest level or can you push more? Is that beat beautifully harsh or is the bass smoothly complementing the rhythm section? Hone in and don’t be afraid to question what you've been working on because even the greatest entrepreneurs are self-taught to evaluate what they're best at to become even stronger. It’s why they're the best at what they do.

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