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Hurrian Network Upcoming Launch | 14th April 2023

Since the start of 2022, we, the Hurrian team have been working around the clock to build a brand-new platform that allows artistic creators to manage and develop their careers under one roof. Having full control of their creative vision, income sources and overall musical development, without the restriction of record labels and their formal demands.

We’re inching closer to our official Phase One launch of the Hurrian Network platform, less than one week away; 14th April 2023.

Phase One | What Can I Do On Hurrian Network?

The platform has been designed with a consumer-first attitude. Hurrian network will be the go-to location for artists to develop, manage and navigate their music careers and finances: this includes some of the following main features.

  • Create an Artist or User account (artist profiles to be verified)

  • Discover Top Artists, Albums, Singles, and Collections

  • Uploading music (royalty splits have been designed on the upload process - available once wallet addresses have been set up)

  • Upload NFT collections (buy, sell, bid, share)

  • Stream music (like, share and add to custom playlists)

  • DM chat box with artists (encouraging collaborations and networking)

  • Discover local events (artists able to set up and promote upcoming events)

  • Purchase tickets for events (buy, sell, bid, share)

Phases Two, Three, Four + | What To Expect

With such a large project, we have separated each stage into different phases (currently with 4 phases - subject to change). The first, as bulleted above, includes some of the main features that will allow artists and users to start up their Hurrian network accounts and have the ability to actively manage their music.

We have blueprinted the entirety of the project, enclosing all the details large and small and will expand on Hurrian Network as we progress forward into 2023. Some of these exciting features you will see in the near future include, but not limited to:

  • Stream live events (perform as an artist/band and receive tips, plus an expanded audience to help grow your artist profile)

  • Merchandising (upload, sell and purchase products. Leverage the artist profile with real items)

  • Advertisement for artists (details to be enclosed at a later date)

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