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Hurrian Network Current Goals & Process

We’re almost hitting September, so we’re simply getting closer to the official Hurrian Network platform being live, one step at a time. Find out what we have been up to in recent weeks and how the onboarding process will be achieved for our users.

In Progress: Hurrian Mobile App

As the incredible Hurrian community is continuously keeping in touch with our updates through the fortnightly blogs, social posts and Telegram group chat, they’re aware that the Hurrian platform is absolutely an ‘around-the-clock project with many promises we keep. One of these includes exceptional user performance, so this undoubtedly involves enhancing the user experience as we build the Hurrian mobile app.

Currently, we are in talks with some of the best UI/UX designers and narrowing down those who are the best fit so we can officially continue to keep expanding our talented development team. So far, we are excited to have the infrastructure and layout in place with all features lined up in preparation for production.

Goals for Artists

Within the music industry and many creative businesses, it’s no surprise that an incredible amount of artistic individuals have begun designing their paths to success away from the big names and management teams. One of our many goals is to bring back the trust and help amplify these projects in a new way that will ensure no value and/or credit has been taken away.

Our plans within the detailed interface include numerous ways to allow full control creatively and financially for the user, something that has never been touched before but coming in with a big impact.

User Onboarding Process

We invite artists from around the globe, welcoming all stages of their careers - from never having written a track, to those earning beyond 6 figures from their music projects, gaining full use of our onboarding process where there will never be unanswered questions throughout their successful journey. With experience in these industries professionally and creatively, we have seen the in’s and out over the last 3 decades, being fully aware of the key requests and needs from creative people themselves such as on-demand development with experienced experts, a team who are just as passionate about the project, and of course the necessary guidance through business and finance.

It is our long-term focus to ensure we build platforms which allow users to always feel they’re progressing forward with their careers, including partnerships which can open further doors for more opportunities towards success and access to the best tools. One of which is our sister company Sounds Space; a social media platform for musicians and artists at all levels where you can share your projects and find exciting new collaborations.

From the start, we’ve set our goal to revolutionize the music industry and this is in all aspects - creatively, financially and generally how business is and should be conducted; fairly and equally.

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