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Hurrian Network | 2023 Official Launch + Features

We’re approaching the new year with fresh eyes and more motivation than we ever thought possible! As we come closer to finalising the 2022 chapter, we reflect on the mind-blowing achievements throughout this journey, fueling the Hurrian family more than ever. Moving forward we persist with even greater resources, proficiency and expertise individually and collectively as our team continuously expands.

2022 Achievements

Throughout the year we have set an incredible number of goals to hit and perfected each with sheer perseverance and dedication to the project. This all began as we started Q1 with a successful launch of MLD token, exceeding our airdrop distribution as we expanded our community by several thousand, creating an organic social media presence worldwide via #Youtube, #Tiktok and #Twitter, plus building long-term partnerships with our in-house team. The list goes on and it’s only the start. After all, we’re still yet to launch the official Hurrian platform, right?

Phase 1 | Features

As we work closely with our development team, we’re consistently ensuring that the launch of ‘phase 1’ goes smoothly and with all the requirements needed so that members can join the platform and have their needs met immediately.

Artists will be able to (but not limited to):

  • Connect #LOX wallet upon registration

  • Set up a personalised profile (profile photos and banner, custom bio, project/artist details)

  • Upload creative projects and generate followers, fans and profits (providing copyright information for mp3, streaming and #NFT sales. NFT sales inc fixed price, bids - if on auction - and offers)

  • Stream music across the Hurrian platform

Users will be able to (but not limited to):

  • Connect LOX wallet upon registration

  • Explore trending songs, top artists and albums, top singles and albums, and new releases

  • Stream music across the Hurrian platform

  • View artist profiles (follow, favourite songs and albums, add to playlists)

  • Marketplace (buy music and view all music NFTs available for sale)

Phase 1 of the Hurrian Network platform will be accessible between February - March 2023, 12-14 weeks from now.

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