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HRN Platform Update | Feb ‘23

We were months away from launching a game-changing blockchain music platform, but now we are just weeks away from creating a whole new chapter within the music industry.

As we anticipate these moments, we are now at the stage where every detail is being reviewed and finalised - see our current focus and upcoming launch news.

Artist Profile

In our previous update, we proudly announced that the development of the artist profile has been completed. We successfully implemented all features required for Phase 1 from the original blueprint with an incredibly thorough development team working around the clock.

We discussed finalising the ‘artist verification’ - a detailed process where all artists who join the platform will need to legitimise their artistry by sharing with us various social media URLs, which will confirm that they are, not only who they say they are, but also to ensure they are active within their music careers and are serious about taking their music to the next level. The admin team will review each and every request, prioritising professionalism and diversity within our catalogue of artists. We can now confirm the development of this verification has now been finalised to our requirements.

Admin Panel

We had also enclosed details of what the admin panel will consist of (verification requests, NFT management, and User/Artist/Music Management, to name a few). The front and back ends of this are currently being constructed, so we will review this finalisation in the upcoming weeks.

Phase 1 Launch Date | UPDATE

In recent weeks, as we reach closer to the official launch of Phase 1, we are committed to reviewing each milestone that has been accomplished and fine-tuning any and all aspects. For this reason, we have now pushed back the launch to the end of March 2023, originally aiming for the end of Feb-March this year.

We are working incredibly hard with our dev team, ensuring weekly meetings are scheduled so that all areas of the platform are covered with precision. We are absolutely on track and are overwhelmed with the current turnout so far - all Hurrian team members become more thrilled with a new update from our dev team and we are beyond excited to be sharing this journey with our passionate and committed community.

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