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HRN Network Update | March Platform Launch 2023

In recent updates, the responses to our platform preview videos have been phenomenal. We are creating a buzz from around the world, expanding our community like never before! We are just a few short weeks away from officially launching everything we have been working on, which will be ready to use for all users and artists immediately.

Current Status (Feb 26th 2023)

We are approaching 4-5 weeks until the official launch of Hurrian Networks Phase 1. This will be a fully functioning platform available for all users and artists to join, create their profiles, interact with and support one another, as well as being a part of a large number of music features. In the current development of finalising the first phase, we have now completed the following backend and frontend features which will be located in the admin panel.

User management

Artist management

NFT management

Trending Artist

Upload music/Upload NFT API

As our incredible Development team work around the clock to ensure we remain within our schedule for each sprint, we are reassured with weekly videos updating us on the work that has been completed. These visuals also allow us to be well-informed about how to operate the platform in great detail so that we and our users/artists are ready to use Hurrian Network to its fullest potential.

Funding Update

From the start of the Hurrian Network project, we have always guaranteed full transparency within our community throughout our journey. We are currently implementing a practical plan to incorporate the financial requirements necessary in order to complete the overall project to full satisfaction. This will be released in the upcoming weeks in great detail.

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