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Happy New Year 2023 | Update

A new year can only mean one thing. We’re inching closer to the end of Feb - March 2023, the official release of Hurrian Network’s platform! Through the final month of 2022, we have proudly come to the stages of development where we can share our progress with our fantastic committed community. At the present moment, we have prepared screenshots of our main ‘Explore Music’ page, which will be the key discovery field for music creators and users.

Hurrian Network > Explore Music

Trending Artists

Discover top trending artists on our Explore Music page. Our algorithm will continuously ensure artists get well-deserved recognition at all stages of their careers, helping them build their audience organically without fuss. Whether you’re one of the biggest global selling artists, or you’re upcoming with your career-changing new release - your face and profile will be shown to the world.

  • Inspiring users to explore new artists

  • Easily able to discover artists similar to personalised favourites

  • See who’s trending on Hurrian Network

  • Creating unlimited opportunities for new artists

Recently Played

As well as trending artists, you will also be able to stay up to date with Hurrian Networks’ most popular and most streamed songs. Our algorithms will take you through a journey of your favourite styles of music, helping you discover your perfect genre with fresh eyes and ears so users will always have the opportunity to uncover new hits.

  • Jump right back into what you have been listening to

  • Discover what like-minded people are listening to

  • Find your next favourite artist and songs

  • Add songs quickly to your playlists

  • Let your perfect sound find you

Now Streaming

We have designed our ‘now streaming’ category to invite a whole new way of discovering music. Never miss an opportunity to find out who the new ‘groundbreaking’ artist is or what fresh song is making a big impact. Through here, users will be able to directly access what is being streamed live and be able to easily jump in on the top trending sounds.

  • Discover and support upcoming artists whilst they’re NEWLY trending

  • New music always available to our users

Upcoming Events

It’s important to us that artists have the opportunity to have their music career, as a whole, pushed in the right direction. We’re introducing a tool which allows users to stay up to date with events locally and internationally where you will be able to see Top Active, Top Upcoming and Top Promtioed events, you can favourite an event, purchase tickets via MLD token, see which events have the most bookings, search by genre, to name a few.

  • Find events near you (search by genre or similar artists)

  • Discover where your favourite artists are performing and be alerted when there are events near you

  • Save events for later for quick check-out

Login/Sign Up

We have made the joining process simple, and quick with no fuss. During registration, artists and users will be required to connect their chosen wallet in order to generate funds for their music (artists only) and to purchase and bid on music, events and more. Artists must complete a short verification process to finalise and activate their artist profiles.

  • Fast signup

  • Connect wallet easily, ready for creating profit (for artists only) and purchasing music

  • Artist verification to ensure full safety on the platform

Stay connected with us through our Socials and TG Group Chat for regular updates and news.

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