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Final 2022 Update | Achievements Timeline

We have made it through the impactful year of 2022 and we look back in sheer astonishment and excitement for what the next 12 months will bring. Everything we have been working around the clock for is setting the new year up perfectly, as we align our official launch for the first phase of Hurrian Network’s platform.

The Start of Our Many Victories

Collectively, we at Hurrian Network couldn’t be more proud and grateful for the community we have built. From the very beginning, our small circle of dedicated members openly discuss their beliefs in the project and have tremendously stayed with us to our forever-expanding family which is now reaching 200k+, all prior to our launch.

At the start of the year, our earliest stages of building the platform were growing steadily as we each individually work our roles to create one of the biggest platforms to date, knocking Spotify off its pedestal and making way for artists to lead the path. The growth has exceeded our expectations, yet we are not surprised by the outcome since this is a project which has been needed for several decades.

As a team, we still cannot find the words to express how we feel 2023 will turn out (ALL of the good words, let’s just say).

Overall, we are more than ready - let’s take a look back on the year we have had, together as a community.

Our 2022 Timeline


  • Continued to build website and whitepaper

  • The beginning of Hurrian Network and our community-building journey (originally named ‘@hurriancoin’)

  • Partnership announced with Lox Network #LOX #LOXmeta



  • Successfully distributed our #MLD airdrop with support from Bitrue and Lox Network.

  • Increasing our in-house team members including our Editor in Cheif, Exec Assistant and Graphic Designer.




  • Hurrian’s MLD on #XRPL top gainers No.4 by +20%

  • Officially began platform Development phase

  • Listed as one of ‘Ripple’s #XRP Ledger Essentials’


  • Vinyl Man game collaboration. One of the many games being implemented into the #METALOX


  • Hurrian NFT Drop via Opensea official promo video

  • Officially listed on X List Coin for daily activity and pricing


  • NFT Drop, the First batch launched

  • The biggest NFT Instagram account @theprathamofficial (1M followers) followed Hurrian Network, shared the NFT collection, and created a post promoting this

  • GenX Analytics released the MLD project on their XRP Ledger ‘ALL STARS’

  • Platform PREVIEW announcement, displaying Hurrian Network homepage (not final)


  • Platform PREVIEW screenshots released, displaying artist page, user page, marketplace, explore, and create an account (not final).


  • XRP Ledger’s TOP gainers for MLD (+ 20.31%)

  • Listed as one of the ‘Companies to Look Out for’ in the XRPL Eco-System by GenX Analytics

Dec (Current Date)

  • Official platform release plans, Phase 1 of Hurrian Network available from mid-February - March 2023

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