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Development Phase Q2 | Our Progress So Far

Find out what the Hurrian team have been up to since moving forward into the Development Phase of building our exciting platform for creatives around the globe.

In recent months we announced that Phase 1 of Discovery had come to a close as we begin to progress forward into the Development phase of the Hurrian Network platform. It has taken an incredible amount of preparation and research to build such a large and detailed foundation in which we aim to change the game for many creatives and so as you can imagine, each small step is crucial. Good development comes together quickly, yet spectacular development is a steady process that we will be and are achieving right this moment.

The foundation we are creating isn’t just a social media base, but a complex platform which includes many layers with the intention of reaching large audiences around the world. This as such takes time and development like this on an advanced level will be a process that we are grateful for and are patient with as we allow our incredible team to build what will become the future of the music industry and bring entrepreneurship into peoples own hands as they take full control of their work.

So far we have selected the team that will be working around the clock alongside the Hurrian family. A team which excels within their specific roles and sees our futuristic vision just as creatively as us, understanding exactly what we wish to achieve and detailing the steps in which to make this happen. Throughout this process we have ensured that each individual person to join our development team is as bold and as ambitious as us, allowing their passion to lead their course of action.

As we charge ahead, we have begun the process of putting together the prototype and platform blueprint. This includes elements such as wireframing that involves the key structure of the site, placing all the right components in the perfect place, and making sure that navigation is as straightforward and smooth for all users as possible.

We have also begun prototype as well as pairing and developing pipelines - all planning, research and investments are now being made digitally and physically formed into actuality within a well-structured system.

We have previously discussed an NFT drop in our recent updates this month, and we can disclose that this will be coming into action in the imminent future. Our priority will always be in the detail, whether that be from building the Hurrian platform or even so from what we do along the way. What we do ensure, is that you are heard and we are delivering the best possible outcome for all we put into the world.

The Hurrian family want to hear YOUR voice. What would you like to see more of? What excites you that we can get involved with? Tweet us @hurriannetwork or join our community group chat of 1,554 members on Telegram to get involved with our conversation.

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