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Development Phase, Online Success & ANNOUNCEMENT!

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Our opportunities are limitless and the magic simply keeps unfolding for the Hurrian Network team. We’re moving fast and KICKING down the doors!

Through each update and even so, before we began the Blog page, we ensured to strictly promise all members of our community transparency and direct communication. We’re family after all, and our biggest love is keeping our promises as we move forward and grow stronger throughout the development, giving us even more excitement when sharing our news.

Development Phase | LIFTOFF 🚀

We are progressing nicely into the development phase of building the Hurrian Network platform, and through each stage, we are continuously creating ways to amplify elements and take things just that one step further. The thrill of watching our foundation grow bigger each day allows us to open many doors and welcome new exciting opportunities to an even better support system for everything we are creating. As we say, we are revolutionising the music industry, right? So the details matter to us.

At the start of this year 2022, the online response to our whitepaper was and still is incredible. We have always prioritised making sure our goals are clear and so we have been able to see the growing support from our community in various inspiring ways. Our social media following is increasing rapidly, now hitting an astonishing 11.3K followers on Twitter with an exciting flow of likes, retweets and comments on a daily basis helping our large project get shared to a wider audience. 1,600 members are now active and thriving 24 hours a day on our official Hurrian Group Chat - sharing support, the passion within the blockchain industry and in general having an overwhelming family environment, growing together.

We have also been hitting screens around the globe and have visibly been making a difference by watching talented influencers on Youtube share the Hurrian roadmap, our plans, exciting updates and what is most important to us, sharing a true passion for our project.


One of our key elements to success so far is listening to YOU. You ask, we make it happen. Our NFT drop details are currently in the works and will be implemented in the upcoming weeks with a twist, so move FAST because we will be limited to 1,000 copies only. Stay up to date with our news about our NFT drop and make sure you're following us on socials @hurriannetwork as well as joining our growing community on the Telegram Group Chat - we're just getting started with bigger announcements and we couldn't be more excited to have you along for the ride.


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