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Artist Profile Screenshots | Official First Look

We’re halfway through January 2023, working closer than ever with our development team as we are just a few milestones away from launching Hurrian Network’s official platform. In this update, we take a deeper look into the perspective of the artist profile where the creators will be able to upload their music, equally divide their royalty splits with no fuss, customize their music feed, plus much more.

'Upload Music'

From the very beginning, our blueprint outlined that artists must have a straightforward process throughout the platform. This means from registering their profiles to uploading music - it will be simple yet still ensure the crucial details are implemented (royalties, connecting wallet etc).

Artists will be able to

  • Securely upload mp3 and WAV files fast with no delay, confirming uploaded file(s)

  • Decide on the music price and manage as they wish

  • Safely distribute royalties percentages to all those involved in the creation process

  • Be able to see the final price/profits allocated to the artist

  • Create an external link so the artist is able to share across social platforms

(please note screenshots show the current development of the platform and are not to completion)

'My Feed'

The artists ‘feed’ has been designed to allow the creator to easily control their profile. With a simple single scroll, they will be able to find all desired musical inspirations, events and product merchandise, plus more. Our feed is like no other music platform as we desire to connect the artists to their fans as they will be able to create posts and stay close with their audience, especially beneficial to those creators in the earlier stages of growing their fanbase.

  • Connect with and update fans on new collections, NFTs, music or events

  • Discover the latest posts and uploads from following artists

  • Find the best recommendations (new music, NFTs, nearby events, merchandise products)

  • Stay up to date with trending artists, songs, and albums, plus popular events and NFTs

(please note screenshots show the current development of the platform and are not to completion)

Stay connected with us through our Socials and TG Group Chat for regular updates and news.

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