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Approaching Launch | Our Journey

In less than 3 weeks, we will have the official Hurrian Network platform launched and ready for artists and users from around the world to join. In this week's update, we proudly look back on our journey so far and see where we had started and how we created our early success moments before the launch.

The Starting Point

In late 2021, Founders Serhat Gedik and Cem Collins began reflecting on how to incorporate music with blockchain technology. A new structured way that creators from around the world could manage and have full control of their music masters and financial profits without the great hardship of long-term dead-end contracts that hold a lifetime of debt carried by the bigger companies.

Big dreams come with big plans. So from early 2022, the CEOs knew that the team needed to be expanded with like-minded, experienced business people who can help piece together the Hurrian Network project. Inviting our Advisor, Lucas Collins, Editor In Chief, Skye Tazmin, Graphic Designer, Koray Muharremoglulari and Executive Assistant, Tugce Donduoglu.

The Domino Effect

Since then we have worked collectively and with exceptional development teams to assist us in creating and fine-tuning the details and ins and out of the project - designing a large platform constructed into 4 different phases (so far). Including music streaming, live performances, ticketing, merchandising, and more, all through blockchain technology and our native token MLD.

Once we finalised the whitepaper and began to start getting the word out that Hurrian Network is here to change the game for the music industry, the most incredible community began jumping on board and understood in great detail our vision. From here, we saw consistent shares, comments and praises from our growing community each and every day.

From the Spring of 2022 onwards, we have been growing our community and expanding our network worldwide. Landing multiple social media coverages and reviews, being listed on 30+ cryptocurrency exchanges including some of the biggest names, Coinbase and Binance. Even succeeding a mention from Bitrue about our token MLD spot trading with them.

Approaching Launch (3 weeks to go)

As we reach the anticipated moment of Phase 1 launch, the Hurrian team are in a game-face mode more than ever. We are absolutely going over all the details small and large each day to ensure we are creating a platform for long-term success, unafraid to make changes for the better if needs be.

We couldn’t be more excited and are beyond proud of the achievements we have gained so far. Many more to come in the upcoming years and we are very thankful for every person involved, including our devoted Hurrian Network community. Without you all, we wouldn't be where we are.

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