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Hurrian Network NFT


NFTs have become a global phenomenon within the last couple of years, and they are a huge part of web 3.0. We will have our very own NFT sales 

section on our platform as we've already mentioned on our white paper but we also have made our very own, limited to 1000 NFT collection. 

Each one of these NFTs has a use case and the use case is a "5-year free platinum membership" on our platform! Yes, you've read that correctly!

Our NFT drop will take place very soon and you will hear about it on our Twitter and Telegram accounts! 



Our highly anticipated NFT drop has been under work for a while now but we now have more information to share. We will be having our NFT drop on the world's most famous platform "" on the 2nd of September, and we will use the "SOLANA" ecosystem to handle the drop. So, get your phantom wallets ready! 

Also, here are some more details about the FREE GIVEAWAY on our NFT drop and who is eligible for it:


5 members who have brought MLD at IPO are eligible to be randomly selected for a free NFT giveaway. Also, the top 5 most active members in the telegram group will be chosen for 5 free giveaway NFTs

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