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About VIBE

Who we are:

A New Approach To The Music Industry

We are here to take a stand for the entire entertainment industry from all over the world 

and make things right once in for all. Our approach is to turn the tables for good and give back the control to its rightful owners, MUSICIANS, ARTISTS & ENTERTAINERS alike.


We are creating a platform that is going to allow everyone involved within the music & entertainment industry to get their royalties for the work they have contributed towards a piece of music/art. We are doing this by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to power our music and video streaming platform. Our users will be able to utilize our unique NFT to make the most of our services while allowing our contributors to be rewarded and make the most of their craft.

Who Can Benefit From VIBE?

From music producers to mixing & mastering engineers, session musicians, dancers, make-up artists, videographers, rappers, singers, choreographers, and the list goes on. Anyone and everyone that is involved and has contributed towards a project or art are welcome to join and benefit from the VIBE platform.

(We have not forgotten about our users, more on this soon!)

Full Customer Experience Service

We strive to give our community a flawless user experience by providing them with the latest technology we've been researching & developing to give back to our community. No more broke musicians and happy consumers!

Bridging the gap between the major and small artists!

We, at VIBE, understand the frustration of being a contributor to the entertainment industry.

 Getting heard, getting your art out there, and getting recognized and rewarded for your talents is a tough process. But with the power of VIBE Music,

the entire industry is changing, for the better!

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