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Revolutionising the Music Industry

VIBE is here to change the entire music 
industry for the BETTER!

What once seemed impossible by most musicians/entertainers around the world, is about to be POSSIBLE!

VIBE is changing the way artists monetize their music by utilizing the power of blockchain and giving control to the owner instead of the record labels and streaming services! While giving our users the best experience possible!

Collect your very own royalties!

No more the need for 3rd party companies to collect your royalties! With our platform, you can collect your own royalties without losing a dime!

Get paid more for your music streams!

Our streaming platform is powered by our unique NFT system. We cut out the middle man, meaning you get more for your work. We guarantee it and we put our stamp on it!

Sell your very own NFTs with low fees!

You can also co-operate with other artists on our platform and mint multi-sig NFTs which gives you another revenue stream for your art while securing your royalties! 

We are giving back control of data to the user!

Use our reward system to earn melody tokens for your data and also send tokens to content creators and artists you support!

Take full control of your career and never look back!

The entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are a lot of folks who have devoted their blood, sweat, and tears to turn their passion into their full-time job. 

The old ways of even trying to achieve this had only worked out for a few, however, VIBE is here to change that for good! We are creating a platform where you are the person in charge of all of your music/art.

We want everyone who has participated in making a project to get paid and we are here to make that happen! 

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Music Career?

VIBE is giving you, the actual owners of the entertainment industry the power over your work to decide where you want to go with it. No more chasing after your royalties, nor giving a cut to the middleman! 

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